Robert Raczka

White Noise, digital photographs/inkjet prints, 2010 - ongoing, image size 30 x 20" framed to 32 x 22"


These photographs are “about” the water in which we all swim, namely the world that has been created incrementally. It is a world that includes elements of nature overlaid with manufactured goods, concepts, and desires. When photographing, I’m drawn to glitter and grit, ambiguity and confusion, and the wide realm of representations that continues to crowd its way into public life in the form of advertisements, statues, artificial flowers, parking lot landscaping, flags, et. al. I seek the surreal edge, the flaw, and the ghost in the machine. I favor the oblique angle, the partially occluded view, and the side of things that we were not meant to see. Even when something delights me visually, my reservations about what we as a society are up to tends to seep in, and ambivalence reigns.