Cultural Artifacts

Independence Foundation Gallery for the Visual Arts, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia
February 6 – March 21, 2009

This was a project on the theme of display, combining my experience as an artist and as a curator. The exhibit consisted of zones featuring (in the upper gallery) my photographs of displays in stores and public spaces, and (in the lower gallery) photocollages of magazine pages, evocative sculptures assembled from handmade as well as mass-produced "found objects," and an assemblage of "found paintings" and other picture. During the exhibit, the gallery audience was invited to fill out a form listing those among the found pictures that they would like to "win," and at the conclusion of the exhibit, many of the found pictures were given to the audience through a raffle-type of drawing.




overall view




overall view



detail view: lower gallery



lower gallery



looking down from upper gallery